We are a small team determined to make a difference!

Morning Glow Mountain Trek: Mr Sang, Founder and CEO

Mr. Sang

CEO & Founder

Growing up his entire life in the city of Luang Prabang, Sang has always been known as quite the entrepreneur. Some of his first business ideas came to him when he was as young as the age of ten years old! As a nature lover with a hobby for hiking, you can also find him listening to music during his spare time – he loves all the classics with “We Will Rock You” by Queen being his utmost favourite!

Morning Glow Mountain Trek: Mr Bo

Mr. Bo

Business partner

As a Luang Prabang local, Mr. Bo and Sang first met as former classmates at Souphanouvong University. The two stuck like glue ever since and with Bo’s creative ideas and business mindset, they were able to become partners! Bo runs a few businesses of his own and also used to work as a bartender. During his free time you can find him socialising with his friends and hitting up some of the best bars in town.

Morning Glow Mountain Trek: Mr Ti

Mr. Ti

Business partner

As a former colleague of Mr. Sang, Mr. Ti and Sang go way back as family friends. Ti was one of the first to reach out to Sang for advice on his own personal business before the two came up with the idea to develop Phophangam mountain as a tourist destination. The two make quite the duo and there’s never a moment you’ll see Mr. Ti without a big smile on his face when he’s in the mountains.

Our local team

Ms. Khai


As a Luang Prabang local, Ms. Khai used to be a english teacher for Lao locals before pursuing her career as a tour guide. Growing up in a typical Lao household, she has much knowledge on Lao nature and culture. She definitely knows how to crack up a good joke and the Morning Glow team is honoured to have her now as one of our full-time tour guides!

Morning Glow Mountain Trek: Mr Na

Mr. Na

Local Manager

Before moving to work full-time up on Phouphangam mountain, Mr. Na used to work as a construction builder. The huts at the homestay were all built with his help! He’s an essential part of the team now, maintaining the infrastructure and spoiling our guests with his delicious homecooked meals.

Morning Glow Mountain Trek: Basket Master at Phuphangam Mountain.

Mr. Luvieng

Bamboo Master

Also known as Mr. Na’s grandfather, Mr. Luvieng is our bamboo master. He can weave almost anything from small bamboo baskets and mats to massive bamboo huts! Thanks to his kind patience and guidance, you will be able to make your own masterpiece!

Our homestay hosts in Ban Mouang Keo (3 day tour)

Homestay Host in Ban Mouang Keo

Ms. Khem

Homestay Host

With a heart of gold, Ms. Khem has been living in Ban Mouang Keo with her family for most of her life. She loves meeting new people and is all the reason why she has recently opened up her home for homestay. Be sure to say ‘sabaidee’ to her when you see her!

Homestay Host in Ban Mouang Keo

Ms. Lee

Homestay Host

Tucked in one of the several houses in Ban Mouang Keo lives Ms. Lee and her family. She has one private room available for guests to sleep in. You can always find her cooking up a storm in the kitchen making delicious local meals.

Homestay Host in Ban Mouang Keo

Ms. Thee

Homestay Host

As one of the many locals currently living in Ban Mouang Keo, Ms. Thee has happily opened up her home for guests to stay in. During the day you can find her weaving on her loom in front of her house as she makes an income through selling beautiful textiles designs!