2 Day Tour - Our Recommendation!

Our 2 Day Tour is our recommendation and our best seller. You will see our amazing jungle gardens, hike up the mountain and enjoy the stunning views in the evening, sleep under a million stars and take in the most amazing sunrise on Phouphangam Mountain in the morning! Also, there is enough time to join the farmers for some activities according to the seasons.

Lao Meals
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Morning Glow Mountain Trek: Sunrise at Phuphangam Mountain

2 Day Tour


Day 1

On the first day, we pick you up at your hotel and drive to Pak Ou by Tuktuk. A boat takes us over the Mekong to Ban Mouang Keo, where we visit the lush jungle gardens cultivated by the local community. We have lunch here, before starting our trek up the mountain to the homestay. Here, we engage in some farmers activities according to the seasons. After dinner, spend the night at our homestay by a bonfire sleeping under millions of stars.

Day 2

Wake up at 6AM for a 20 minute hike up the mountain to overlook the amazing view of the Mekong and Ou rivers. Depending on the season and weather conditions, you may be able to see a breathtaking sea of clouds.

Around 8AM we will hike back down to the homestay to enjoy breakfast. After that you will have the choice to either relax or engage in a local activity. Enjoy one last lunch around midday at the mountain before trekking back down to Mouang Keo village for another local activity. You have the choice to head straight back to Luang Prabang after that or take the chance to visit Pak ou Caves on the way back.

Please bring along...

Our Activities

Please be aware that farming activities change according to the seasons. You will have the chance to experience different farmer‘s activities at different times of the year: rice and vegetable planting or harvesting, handicrafts like weaving of roof panels, indigo dyeing, basket weaving, etc.

Morning Glow Mountain Trek: Red blossoming flowers in the garden