Our Activities

On each of our tours you have the unique chance of experiencing farmers activities and taking part in them actively. Please be aware that farming activities change according to the seasons. You can experience different farmer‘s activities at different times of the year: rice and vegetable planting or harvesting depends on the season; handicrafts like weaving of roof panels, indigo dyeing, basket weaving, etc. or construction are available all year around.

Morning Glow Mountain Trek: Construction Activity


Get to know the traditional building methods with wood and bamboo and leave your mark in helping us build new accomodation or other facilities!

Morning Glow Mountain Trek: Making everyday objects Activity

Natural everyday objects

Learn how to make everyday objects from natural materials like bamboo, rattan or vines: Brooms, roof covering, bamboo mats, etc.

Bamboo Basket Weaving Activity on Phuphangam Mountain, Luang Prabang, Laos

Bamboo Weaving

Bamboo is used for many different things. Learn how to weave a simple basket that you can take home as a souvenir!

Traditional Lao Meal served in bamboo bowls


Together with the locals, harvest herbs and vegetables from our jungle gardens and prepare a delicious meal over the fire!

Morning Glow Mountain Trek: Rice Planting Activity

Rice Planting (wet season)

Help the farmers plant sticky rice in the steep fields in the hills. Your hands will get dirty!

Morning Glow Mountain Trek: Rice Harvesting Activity

Rice Harvest (dry season)

Learn how rice is harvested and processed in the hills. Later, you can see how it's prepared and enjoy a meal!

Vegetable picking at the banks of the Mekong

Vegetable Harvest

Visit our organic gardens along the Mekong River and in our jungle and help us pick the vegetables that we'll use to cook our lunch and dinner.

Traditional Lao Lao Whiskey Making in Laos

Whiskey Making

In Ban Mouang Keo, you can experience the traditional way of making Lao Whiskey (Lao Lao) - and of course, try it!

Weaving Activity in Ban Mouang Keo


In Ban Mouang Keo, weaving is done by almost all women. On our 3 day tour you have the chance to learn more about this traditional craft.